Pablo Escobar History Tour

  • Visit the cemetery where he was buried after being shot by Colombian security forces.

  • Learn about different places of Pablo Escobar's life and death.

  • Understand why Escobar was the most feared but also a well-liked man at his time.

  • Hear about Escobar's extensive collection of cars and airplanes.

In a Nutshell

  • Unravel the secrets of Colombia’s darkest era and hear the true story of Pablo Escobar’s life and death.
  • Visit his former mansion in Medellín and hear about techniques he used to defeat his enemies.
  • Understand why Escobar was the most feared but also a well-liked man at his time.
  • Walk to the place where it all ended and listen as your expert guide tells you about Pablo Escobar’s last hours.
  • Visit the cemetery where he was buried after being shot by Colombian security forces.

Price includes

  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off.
  • Expert guide in English or Spanish.
  • Transport between various tour sites.
  • Tickets to visited attractions.
  • Depending on bookings you might be in a small group up to 6 people or by yourself.


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Pablo Escobar is probably one of the most internationally known characters in the recent Colombian history. We know that if you decided to come to Colombia, and wanted to have some context, you probably saw the thrilling series of ‘Narcos’. Most of what you saw there is true, however if you are intrigued about the real and non-Hollywood story and understanding the context in which the story took place and most importantly, how the city evolved after those dark times, this tour is for you.

On this tour you will be picked up at 10:00 am at you hotel and you will begin the rout to the truth. During this whole tour you will learn about the strategies he used to gain so much power and how this lead him to fight to wars: One against the government and the other against the Cali Cartel. Throughout the tour you will also hear our guide’s personal anecdotes of the time.

Your first stop will be Edificio Mónaco where he lived. Here you will start to learn his story and understand how he was the most feared man in Colombia. You will understand why once, long ago, some people loved him and some people hated him. Most importantly, you will understand how for more than a decade he shook a country to its very chore.

Before going to the cemetery where he is buried, you will pass through La Gruta, where there is a virgin commonly known as la Virgen de los Sicarios (the virgin of the hitmen). This virgen was very popular amongst hitmen, well they would go there to prey to her to bless their bullets, guns and murders. Once you arrive to the cemetery you will hear about the duality between the hero and villain, and about the legacy he left. Then you will go to donwntown Medellin. We will walk parque San Antonio where you will see one sculpture called Pajaro de Paz (Bird of Peace) made by Fernando Botero, and the remains of a previous one that was blown up by the FARC in 1995 in that exact place killing 23 people.  Even though this was not a terrorist attack by Pablo Escobar, it is the kind of terror he spread and taught others. You will still see the remains of the first sculpture as a condition the artist asked for, to remind people what happened this day and to pay respects to the people that where hurt and killed. You will experience how art and urbanism are put together to support the collective memory and stimulate optimism and progress.

To conclude this tour you will be taken to Comuna 13 a “slum” that once was the most dangerous neighborhood in Medellín. It was a strategic corridor for drug-lords in the 80’s so it was an area full of conflict and violence. Here you will be able to see how much this community has evolved, and how social and urban innovation has helped a community that was forgotten comeback to life and connected back to the rest of the city. Giving them hope, a new chance at life, and so much more. One of the greatest examples of this are the electric escalators that were built in this neighborhood back in 2011. They replaced 530 concrete steps and reduced the time for getting up 384 m (1,260 ft.) immensely. Thanks to this, the complicated social dynamics of what once was another slum gradually turned into a brighter panorama.

The electric escalator will take us up to a platform from where we get another stunning view of Medellín from above. Taking a closer look, we notice amazing street art everywhere: colorfully painted roofs and drawings on the walls, from talented street artists who have sealed with paint and spays the violent past of the comuna.

As soon as you finish the tour you will be taken back to your hotel so you may enjoy the rest of your stay in the marvelous city we call the city of eternal spring.

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