Coffee Farm Experience Medellin

  • Visit a coffee farm in Medellín, reachable within just a short drive.

  • Enjoy a quiet and wide view over the city of Medellín.

  • Taste a freshly prepaired cup of coffee.

  • Feel with your own hands how freshly peeled coffee beans feel like.

  • Walk through uncountable coffee plants and breathe in fresh air.

  • Explore a small coffee farm with a rain forest certificate that produces a small amount of high quality coffee.

  • Lern about the coffee beans in different stages of their growth and processing.

  • See how coffee plants look like in different phases of their growth.

In a Nutshell

  • Visit a coffee farm near Medellín, reachable within just a short drive.
  • Walk through uncountable coffee plants and breathe in fresh air while you are surrounded by a green paradise.
  • Enjoy a quiet and wide view over the city of Medellín.
  • Learn about how Colombia’s delicious coffee is produced – from growing the plants over harvesting and processing the fruit to the different methods of making a perfect cup of coffee.
  • Watch as the cafetero shows you how to brew coffee at its fullest flavor, and take pleasure in tasting the result.

Price includes

  • Private transportation from and to your hotel.
  • Expert guide in English or Spanish.
  • Guided visit of the coffee farm.
  • Coffee tasting and snack.
  • Depending on bookings you might be in a small group up to 6 people or by yourself.


Important Information

Comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended. 

Please read our cancellation policy.

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Departure time:
9:00am / 2:00pm

4 hours

* Travelers:
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Price Per Person $198.87
Total Price $198.87

Thinking about Colombia, coffee is one of the first things that come to our mind. Our country offers the perfect conditions with its climate, its rich soil and our passion for coffee. The Medellin coffee tour is perfect for you if you don´t have time to go on a full day tour but still want to discover the secrets behind Colombia’s famous coffee and visit an authentic coffee farm. The farm we’ll visit has a rain forest certificate and produces a small amount of high-quality coffee.

After driving a short distance on the city highway, we’ll make our way up the hill almost to the top to get to the coffee farm.  We already understand that coffee plants grow best in higher altitude, later the cafetero – the farmer of the coffee farm – will tell us more details.

Before we begin to explore the coffee farm, we’ll be greeted with a warm-hearted welcome and get to enjoy the typical Colombian hospitality and cheerfulness.
Then we start our tour walking on narrow paths through the coffee plants and get an idea of how much work it will be to harvest the coffee beans and transport them to the final to be sun dried and processed. Depending on the month of our visit we get to see the coffee fruits in different stages of their growth. We also get to know more about the essential climate and why Medellín is a perfect place for growing coffee.

Next, we’ll have a look at the different stages of the artisanal coffee processing that has been inherited from generation to generation and is preserved by the cafetero with great care. We will get to see and learn about the different machines and installations that are used by the cafetero to select the best fresh beans and turn them into raw beans ready to get roasted. Feel with your own hands how freshly peeled coffee beans feel like and watch how the same beans are roasted manually on a stove.

Walking back to the main house, we are longing for a delicious cup of coffee, or tinto as black coffee is called in Colombia. While we are invited to sit down and relax, it’s worth getting a glimpse of the house and its interior, beautifully designed in typical colors of the region. Here the cafetero will show and tell us about different options of brewing coffee, and while we sip our tinto we can ask him everything else we’d like to know about coffee. We’ll enjoy a typical Colombian snack like an arepa or empanada before we head back to our starting point in Medellín. 

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