Grand City Tour

Grand City Tour

  • The eje ambiental is one of the most important symbols of Bogota's renovation

  • Jimenez avenue.

  • Let yourself be driven on a journey though the native pre-Hispanic cultures in the biggest collection of indigenous gold object in the world at the Gold Museum.

  • Make a stop at the lively and history-loaded Plaza de Bolivar

  • Appreciate the beautiful handcrafts techniques and materials at one of the most complete artisan markets in town.

  • Walking down the streets of La Candelaria, the oldest neighbourhood in Bogota

  • Start the tour 3150masl contemplating the best view of the city from Monserrate

In a Nutshell

  • Take a cable car and ride all the way up to 3150 MAMSL to Monserrate Sanctuary and admire Bogota from above.
  • Increase your knowledge about Latin American independence at La Quinta de Bolívar.
  • Walk through the picturesque cobblestone streets of the oldest neighbourhood of Bogotá, La Candelaria.
  • Contemplate the works of one of the greatest Colombian contemporary artists at the Botero Museum.
  • Understand the social and historical dynamism that has given shape to Colombia at Plaza de Bolívar.
  • Taste an excellent example of our local gastronomy.
  • Let yourself travel through a journey of native pre-Hispanic cultures; view one of the largest collections of indigenous gold objects in the world at the Gold Museum.
  • Appreciate the beautiful handcrafted techniques and materials at one of the most complete artisan markets in town.
  • Explore one of the most important urbanistic interventions by Rogelio Salmona at Eje Ambiental
  • Drive all the way through the north in order to finish the tour and discover the magical neighbourhood of Usaquén.

Price includes

  • Hotel Pick-up and Drop-off.
  • Expert guide in the language of your preference (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, German).
  • Cable car ticket.
  • Lunch al local restaurant.
  • Tickets to visited attractions.
  • Depending on bookings you might be in a small group up to 6 people or by yourself.


Important Information

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The Gold Museum is closed on Mondays and The Botero Museum is closed on Tuesdayswe will change it for another museum according to group's interests. If there is any other place of interest you want to include in the tour, please let us know in advance and we will be glad to include it.

Please read our cancellation policy.


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Important! We are on migration process. IMPULSE Travel is our new name. Please see this experience on our new site, for updated information and a better user experience.

Our Grand City Tour is the most comprehensive way to see the relevant sights of the city in one day. You'll be guided by an expert versed in a broad historical and current knowledge of Colombia. The first stop is at the Monserrate Sanctuary, located on the imposing eastern hills of the city at an altitude of 3150 MAMSL. Ascending to the top of the mountain on a cable car, we will reach the most notorious pilgrimage point of the city and possibly the best panoramic views of the capital. This is for sure the best spot to make a historical and spatial contextualization of the city.

Once back on the ground we will travel into the past, going directly to the time of the Latin American independence by visiting the house of Colombia’s liberator, La Quinta de Bolívar. Then, back in the present time, we will get ourselves familiar with the student atmosphere  within the campus of Universidad de Los Andes. Continuing the tour, we will go downstream following the Eje Ambiental, witnessing the effort this city has made to recover the river that initially gave it life, through one of the most famous urbanistic projects in Latin America, carried out by architect Rogelio Salmona. Following the river San Francisco towards Jimenez Avenue we will dive into the most impressive collection of indigenous gold pieces in the world at the Gold Museum. At the exit, you will have the chance to shop at the handicrafts market at Parque Santander.

Next, we will enter the historic neighborhood of La Candelaria and wander the picturesque cobbled streets that hold more than 400 years of history. We will visit the Botero Museum, which features works of the eccentric artist who has become an icon of Colombian contemporary art. We will make a stop at Chorro de Quevedo and appreciate the diverse contrasts that the historical center offers in order to understand Colombian history.

After a lunch break at an authentic local restaurant, we will reach Plaza de Bolívar; the historical epicenter of Bogotá. The main square is surrounded by the administrative and governmental buildings that have been icons of the historical processes carried out here. We will also have the chance to enter the Prime Cathedral.

Finally, we will hop in a car and drive towards the north of the city, having a panoramic sight of the International Centre, La Macarena Neighbourhood, and National Park. The final destination will be the cozy neighborhood of Usaquén, which holds in its narrow streets and its best weekend flea market in town. 

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